My interest for cooking (and eating!) came when I was very young. I was always making a mess in the kitchen (and horrifying my mother), attempting to cook a new and tasty meal. Some ideas were great, while others are better left off the menu (Frosted Flakes in eggs with chocolate sauce sounds great to a 6 year old). But Mac & Cheese was, and still is, one of my favourite meals to eat. I never knew Mac & Cheese could be made so many ways, until I decided to start adding ingredients like bacon, steak, and vegetables. So when the opportunity came to open my own restaurant, where I can sell all the different kinds of Mac & Cheese I wanted, I jumped on it.

Our menu is something we have worked on tirelessly to perfect. To us, the perfect menu provides something for all taste buds, without taking away from the quality. The most important thing is being able to offer our quality food, as fresh and homemade as possible. Just about everything we serve is cooked in our kitchen every day and made to order. Our goal is to deliver a better tasting, healthier, and fresher variety of food to our customers.

From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy all the time and effort we put in to make our food as delicious as possible.

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